About us

Sky Light Technic receives even more precious acknowledgements – awards in the field of event technology service providers year by year thanks to the nearly 3000 satisfied customers. It is important to highlight our generous customers as we are awarded by YOUR feedback.



Our company offers professional party and event equipment hire and also provides services for technical management and implementation with full assistant support for all kinds of events from 2009.
Beyond lightning and visual systems we can supply for stages, coverings and since 2016 we can guarantee the best prices and the quality with the latest technique available in the pro- audio hire segment. Also from this year (year of 2016) we offer high-level sound implementation services on events like wedding reception, building- or outdoor sounding, from events with a few hundred people to events with thousands of people, our company has proven the best!

The most paramount part for us is our customers’ and partners’ trust which is hard to earn and even harder to keep therefore we are continuously working to be able to satisfy all of them on the highest possible level and with the best technology available. It is a key element for us to make the customers become our contented clients after all.

All equipment is being handled by our own maintaining service on a regular basis thus there have never been any malfunctioning or breakdown happened during any of the rentals.

In case you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at any of the available contact forms at the Contact menu. We are frequently updating our website but please note that not the full list of our available equipment is being shown on the website.