Allen&Heath ZED 10FX mixer desk

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The ZED 10FX is an excellent desk for music and band mixing.
It is ultra-portable for carrying to the gig, and can be used for recording live or in the studio.

Guitars can be plugged in directly to the mixer using the specially designed high-impedance inputs. We also find 2 stereo inputs for laptops, phones, or keyboard instruments.

The main output is equipped with professional XLR stereo outputs and a flexible monitoring section with headphone and AUX speaker feed outputs. This version has a set of fabulous effects for enhancing sound.

The flexibility and sound quality of the ZED10FX are outstanding in their category. You can plug the guitar directly to the Hi input, but you can also connect 4 microphones and even 2 stereo sources (even MP3 players or CD-s, etc.). The main outputs are XLR connectors with insert points. In addition it has headphone output, monitor output, +48V phantom power, DI level switch on the sub output, and last but not least, effect algorithms of the same quality as on digital consoles can also be found in the device.




Besides the four mono inputs, it has two stereo channels, each with a pair of primary jack inputs, and additional stereo input options are available on RCA sockets or on USB.


EQ section:


The input channels of the ZED-10FX are equipped with a 3-band equalizer. The middle band is a MusiQ semi-parametric system with a Q-value optimized for musical instruments and the human voice.