High- performance dry ice low smoke machine

 25,50 / day

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“To bring your wedding dance up into the clouds!”

Power: 1800W!

This device is capable of creating the well-known dry-ice effect in visual technology.

The machine is perfectly suited for weddings, larger bars, discos and clubs or outdoor stage performances. It can operate with a stand-alone or DMX control mode.

In addition to usual smoke liquid, 10 kg of dry ice or ice cubes are required for operation. The smoke machine works with DMX control and a wired remote control, the periodicity/interval of the smoke effect can be adjusted by the intensity/volume and timer settings.

The price includes the smoke liquid, however the ice must be provided by the renter, by which our colleagues can help with. Storage box for dry ice is provided for the machine.

The smoke-spread on the ground can be more colorful by the lights.

An operating staff can be requested for the machine with great expertise and experience in this field. Please, ask our colleagues about prices.

Device dimensions: 750 x 405 x 395 mm, weight: 17 kg